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Important School Construction Projects Workshop
Responding to requests, we are pleased to offer a full day workshop on school construction projects. There has been nothing of substance available for the last few years and school construction is an area generally not covered in administrative preparation courses.  A construction project is an important event in the life cycle of a school district. Unless you are in a large school district (city/suburban), a construction project is not a common event. A construction project has a huge impact on current and future school generations - space, quality, and dollar payment. When construction projects go wrong, it takes big $$$ to solve the problems. Inexperienced administrators underestimate the time and expertise it takes to administer a construction project. We will share our learning after our combined experience of 13 projects.

The Career Center continues to record a solid number of new job vacancies each week at the central office and building levels. For those of you registered on the statewide Career Center Job Vacancy Listings the new postings for August were: 4 new superintendent postings, 60 new central office postings, and 49 new building level postings.  If you want to know about jobs in New York State, we post them all.

JIm Merrins

To access the complete copy.... The Career Center Update # 16 – October 2016

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