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The mission of The New York State Association for Women in Administration is to relentlessly pursue gender balanced leadership, and to champion equity and diversity in education.

The New York State Association for Women in Administration was established in 1990 to address the lack of women in educational leadership positions. It was the genesis of a group of individuals who met to develop at statewide network, now known as NYSAWA. This group determined to create programs to identify and promote women in leadership.

Established in 1990, the New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA) is a growing organization that offers important and timely information about topics on leadership in education and gender equity.

Be part of the growing network of men and women who support  the New York State Association for Women in Administration. Your enrollment will help us achieve our mission. NYSAWA is an inclusive organization whose goal is to provide content and skill development to leadership at all levels.

Who Are NYSAWA Members?
Members of NYSAWA include aspiring and practicing administrators, professors, graduate students, teachers, and others who support the NYSAWA mission.

Why Join NYSAWA?
When you join NYSAWA, you’ll tap into these benefits:

  • Statewide network of colleagues
  • Assistance in seeking and obtaining administrative positions
  • Support for colleagues in achieving success
  • Leadership skill development for women and girls
  • Annual Summit
  • Access to the NYSAWA Newsletters and other publications
  • Opportunities to meet career and search consultants
  • Local affiliates representation and support
  • Professional programs across New York State
  • Up-to-date information about local, regional and statewide activities
  • Technical Assistance
  • Mentoring/ Coaching opportunities and initiatives
  • Legislative Updates

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