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Two Women's Initiatives Underway

I am pleased to see that two powerful initiatives are underway in support of women in leadership. This is good for women leaders as well as those of us men in support of fairness and equity in educational employment.

On May 18th NYSCOSS is hosting a "Women's Initiative" in Saratoga Springs. The Women's Initiative will focus on supporting women educational leaders to inspire more women to seek leadership positions in education. This is an important effort and superintendents across NYS should encourage and support attendance at this day-long event. Information can be found on the NYSCOSS.org website.

Also in May, NYSAWA (NYS Association for Women in Administration) will be hosting four professional development events, 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM in Buffalo - Rochester - Syracuse - Albany. These regional events are part of NYSAWA's 'Women Administrators Professional Development Series.' In addition to small group sessions and dinner, Dr. Sue Gray will give a presentation on “Women in Leadership: Reflections From a Longitudinal View.“ This regional series is part of NYSAWA's Women Administrators Professional Development Series.

JIm Merrins

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